All about Nikki Poppen aka Bronwyn Scott
I've been writing since I was in Elementary school and reading romance for about the same amount of time. Needless to say, it was only natural that I would end up as a writer of romance novels. I love it! Writing becomes a true escape from the often hectic life I live.

Outside of writing, I am an instructor of speech communications at a local community college in the Puget Sound area. I've been doing this since I graduated from the University of Oregon with a MA in Southern Rhetoric. Prior to that, I spent 4 years at Pacific Lutheran University.

Along with writing, I spend a great deal of time playing with my three kids, working around the house and traveling with my family. It is often during this time that I find the inspiration for many of my stories.

Nikki writes for Avalon Books under the name Nikki Poppen and for Harlequin under the name Bronwyn Scott.